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Pune Tithe Kay Une is a new marathi rap song about pune. In this song I talk about Pune City’s glory, history, public of Pune i.e. Punekars/ life in Pune, culture etc. and its challenges too. Pune city is known as “oxford of the east”, “maharashtra’s cultural capital”. If you're a punekar ypu'll surely get connected to it.

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Data Don a.k.a. Datt Dongare is a rapper born and raised in Pune, Maharashtra. He started rapping in engineering days but took his hobby more seriously at the end of the 2016. He wants to make change in the society, educate people through rap music. He is fed up with mainstream music industry which focuses on making money and promotes alcohol, drug abuse, sexism etc. He believes in Hip hop culture which roots in artistic, creative, demands for justice and the acceptance of diversity in all its forms. He writes in Marathi and Hindi, so people in India can understand and connect to it easily. He talks about the hood, culture, issues in the society often, yes Desi Hip Hop scene is changing. Professionally Data Don is a Technical Director at BTW Group.

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